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Megan Morrison, aka MORRISON, is a Miami-based American singer, songwriter, actor, model and fire performer. Born in Maine and raised in Massachusetts, Megan began demonstrating her vocal talent at an early age and performed regularly in her high school and college musicals. She studied classical voice performance at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and transferred to Hunter College in NYC which led her to pursue a Broadway musical theatre career. It wasn't until she started singing in rock/punk bands on the side that Megan discovered her true passion.  

After moving to Miami in 2009, Megan formed her first official rock band, Dorothy’s Surrender, and wrote and sang all the songs on the band's 2012 debut EP, Late Bloomer. After the band broke up in 2015, Megan joined the folk rock band, Revlover, and wrote a number of the songs on the band's 9-song debut album that was never released.

Over the past year, Megan has turned her focus onto her solo music career. As a recovering alcoholic, Megan redirected a lot of her emotions and life experiences into her songwriting. She wrote her first single, "Heart on Fire", with the positive message that you can find power in something that once caused you pain and knocked you down. The important part is making a positive change in your life to overcome it.

Released on November 9th, Megan’s "Heart on Fire" single was lauded by Neufutur Magazine as having a “dramatic, epic backing beat…[that] establishes a soundscape that is as rich as any vocal line.” The writer also applauded Morrison for her “sheer vocal range“ and “unmatched authority...that will stick with fans long after the effort ceases to play.”

In addition to her talents as a musician, Megan has honed her skills as a professional fire dancer. Her “Heart on Fire” music video, which premiered on Live in Limbo on December 10th, showcases the artist performing with fire. Megan has made appearances fire dancing in music videos with Pitbull, Elvis Crespo, and Fuego Fireboy as well as on stage with Jessie J at the New Now Next Awards in Miami.

On March 29th, Morrison unleashed her second single, “9 Lives”, which premiered on Celebmix. This introspective track gives a glimpse of the artist's troubled past and inner turmoil that she triumphantly overcomes in the end. The accompanying music video premiered on Pure Grain Audio on June 3rd.

Miami New Times named Morrison “Best Solo Musician of 2019” in June, noting how her voice floats stoically above the beat in her new single “9 Lives”.

Both singles are from Megan's debut solo album, Appetite for Freedom, set to blast out late 2019.

In the coming year, Megan is working on bringing both her singing and fire dancing into one fiery show!  Stay tuned for much more to come from MORRISON!




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